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You Don’t Need Experience


How do we really experience art — with our eyes or in our minds? It seems like such a simple, straightforward question, yet it always stirs controversy. We don’t hear, smell or taste art, it appeals to our sense of sight. However, colours, overpowering size, delicate and intricate details with your surrounding sounds, smell and taste can be described as a contributor in your piece, but many believe that when it comes to art there is nothing that compares to seeing the work with your own eyes and perspective. Ask any art teacher and they will confirm that the beauty in art is what is seen in the eye of the beholder.


There’s something soothing and satisfying about working with your hands, or watching someone else do it. We’ve gathered together our favourite craft experiences, perfect for anyone who likes the sense of satisfaction that comes from creating something physical. From pottery painting, canvas painting, acrylics, chalk paint and other art and craft experiences, we’ve got every type of medium for aspiring artists with or without knowledge. Whether you’re looking for art experience gifts, parties, craft days, team building or social gathering – you can get lost in some relaxing fun and you’ll find it here!


You do not need the label “artist” to be an artist. Everybody has their own artistic side inside themselves – Artology Studio just helps, suggests and assists you in getting in touch and tune with your inner self and creative side. For the love of fun, relaxation and creativity!